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Oh hello, there. Thanks for stopping by. You are now experiencing the mind of my being. 
Not sure how you got here? 
me either

Perhaps it was purposeful.

If not, a mistake-

most likely fate.

either way you’re here, with me.

Welcome Lovely!

I was born to create, and have been creating across mediums throughout my life. I first came to love art through food. From an early age I saw the power food has to bring people together and spark joy, especially when prepared by someone who loves to cook. My mother is phenomenal at cooking and baking, her love for providing for my brother and I was shared through the meals and desserts she would prepare for us and eventually parties we would cater together. 

 I over looked my appreciation for visual art and events for a large portion of my life and it wasn’t until I developed love for myself and for what I could do- "manifest what I envision".


In 2015, I produced my first solo art and food installation entitled "The Age of Self" in downtown Manhattan, and since have participated in, produced, and curated spaces for Creativity across New York City; sold original pieces; commissioned paintings and graphics; producer and showrunner for NYC Fashion Week Events - all while working full-time as managing careers as Fortune100 corporate sponsorship activation manager and later as a director of marketing and communications for a non-profit organization. 

What can I help you bring to life?