Nano Tech Noir

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Jhodge is in his Butterfly Stage

Jhodge is in His Noir Era

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Jhodge ignores the critics and gets back to basics.  That post apocalyptic grunge hip-hop that crosses the line and makes you think.

Produced By Evil Doc

Scratching and Arrangement by Jhodge

Mixed and Mastered by Jhodge

Written by Jhodge

Produced and Recorded at Love Art Studios V.I.

Ether ShowerJhodge

Ether Shower


It all began with the DJ... Production on Nano Tech Noir is an exploration of the roots of Hip-Hop and Jhodge. 

Evil Doc Drops

Achievement Instrumental

Dig through the crates with Jhodge.  Experience the bounce that inspired an entire sound.  Free!





Nano Tech Noir


 Funk/ Chicago House/ Disco/ Late 90's-Early 2000's Underground Hip Hop/Roots Reggae


It is not enough to gain knowledge.  One must also apply it


DAW: Logic

Instrument Library: East West Composer Cloud, Output Arcade

Midi: Akai MPK Mini


To inspire the people to take small steps toward dealing with their trauma


Mic : Blue Baby Bottle SL

Interface : UA Apollo Twin

Pre-amp: UA 1176LN

Compressor: API 2500


Monitors: Focal Alpha 65, Sennheiser HD250

Plugins: Apple EQ, Waves H-Comp 


"I'm here to talk my shit. I ain't self-righteous.  I got my vices.  I ain't tryna be perfect.  I ain't tryna be a hero. This is motivation."  

Cover Design Process


The design for the cover of Nano Tech Noir began in summer of 2021.

Jhodge used Procreate to hand draw the Keith Haring inspired design.  The words Nano Tech are contained within the drawing.  He then recreated the Nano Tech Spaceman.  Space Man 2 so speak.  Love Art Group took a few months away from it.  When it was time to upload to project, the crew felt the cover did not represent what Nano Tech Noir represents.

Back to the Drawing Board:

In February of 2022 Jhodge decided to scan some old photos he found in a cookie jar.  He began altering the photos to make himself black and white.  In this process he discovered the color he was looking for. He calls it the Noir Vibe.  It's a very soft black and white tone that is not all the way black but not gray/grey either.

Discovery Zzone.jpg

Through this process Jhodge found a photo of himself covering his ears.  Almost as if he was tuning out the propaganda at an early age.

Nano Tech Noir Space Man.png
Nano Tech Noir Space Man.png

Jhodge fell in Love with this dark theme.  He began to adapt it into other forms and shapes eventually becoming deciding to make a collage.  Like many of his previous album covers, he chose to keep it busy as it represents his eclectic style.  He wanted to give the listener something to look at while listening to the project.  The images in the background were drawn by Jhodge and Selim. These drawings represent Jhodge's many different influences. The Crown comes from Jhodge believing that after this project there will no longer be a debate about the best producer/writer/performer in the game. The track list on the back cover was drawn by Selim.  

Nano Tech Noir Cover Final 2022.jpg
Nano_Tech_Noir_Main_Back_Cover_Final 2022.jpg


Check back here often for details about the Nano Tech Noir CNFT drop.

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Proceeds from the

Nano Tech Noir CNFT release will be used to build Creative Refuge for Artists in the Virgin Islands and WorldWide


Back 2 My Roots

Back 2 My RootsJhodge
00:00 / 04:15

The energy of the Virgin Islands influenced Jhodge to return to his Hip-Hop roots. Bass provided by Deon St. Jules of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Jhodge gets back to what we know and love. That hardcore hip-hop.  Lets just go ahead and create the genre Hip-Hop Roots. "Play the worlds smallest violin!"

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Nano Tech Noir was Made available to streaming platforms on June 3rd, 2022.  This Page is for the supporters who have been riding since day one.
If You are new to the vibe, head here!

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