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brown queen . official music video


The futuristic sounds, original sequences, and musical styling that is Nano Tech Vibe was invented and developed by New York Native, Jhodge.  Nano Tech Vibe is a culmination of Soul, House, Hip Hop, Funk, Electro, Jazz, Trap, and R&B designed to transport your mind, body and spirit, by foot, bike, skateboard, train, plane, automobile, or spaceship to an alternate timeline.


Jhodge has a hand in todays culture, yesterdays culture, and tomorrows culture, with a conscience observance of media, particularly the sounds, languages, and imagery used on planet Earth.  With over 10,000 hours dedicated to Music engineering, production, mixing, and mastering Jhodge has expanded his creativity into videography, fashion design, and screen writing in order to give the visual representation of Nano Tech Vibe.


Recordings, mixes, and productions by Jhodge date back nearly two decades with his first  recorded song at the age of 6. Since then Jhodge has worked with The Rezistance Movement (Jackson NJ) as an artist & creative director; Backdoor Entertainment (Toms River, NJ) as an audio engineer & artist; Pyramid Studios (Seattle, WA) as an audio engineer & producer; various underground artists; to now Love Art Group Inc. (Harlem, NY) as the Co-Founder, executive producer, creative director, and audio engineer.

truth is -  live performance

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