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Sounds from an alternate timeline. . .


Inspired by music that encourages movement. House, Funk, Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Soul & Jazz all come together to create Nano Tech Vibe. The pioneering sound was woven into the DNA of Jhodge, as the nephew to a Founding Father of Hip-Hop, DJ Ron Plummer, and son to Queens native House DJ Disco Van, music has always been a natural refuge for Jhodge’s creativity and curiosity. With over 10,000 hours dedicated to music engineering, production, mixing, and mastering, Jhodge’s Nano Tech Vibe will transport you to another dimension. 

At a time in New York City, arguably the birthplace of hip-hop, is flooded with the influences of musical stylings from the South, West, mumble rap and Afro-beat, Jhodge found an opportunity to bring ingenuity back to the NYC sound scape. Embodying the souls of Fela Kuti & George Clinton, raw emotion of Basquiat, prolific prose of James Baldwin, and distinctive style of A Tribe Called Quest.

Recordings, mixes, and productions by Jhodge date back nearly two decades with his first  recorded song at the age of 6. Since then Jhodge has worked with The Rezistance Movement (New Jersey)as producer, artist & creative director; Backdoor Entertainment (New Jersey) as an audio engineer; Pyramid Studios (Seattle, WA) as an audio engineer & producer; various underground artists; to now Love Art Group Inc. (Harlem) as the Co-Founder, executive producer, director of photography, and audio engineer.

Whether he’s making observations about today's social norms, accounts of dangerous encounters, reflections on his adolescent years, or interpretations of his future, Jhodge vividly, and instinctively renders the music and visuals of his mind. When you listen to Nano Tech Vibe, you will be transported to different dimensions and time periods. Need to know how this feels?

The music is designed to be played in a hydrogen powered, driverless ride share.

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